Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hey mister, want to buy a box of cookies?

I've been really grumpy this weekend, like there is something hanging over my head, undone, but I can't quit put my finger on it. We've been on a quest to clean out the office, so the shredfest has been going on for several days and bulk trash pickup is on Monday so there's the stuff we're pulling out of the garage to get rid of. But neither of those was it.

And then I remembered, Girl Scout cookie orders are due this Wednesday.

I can't stand cookie season. The sale is supposed to be a learning experience for the girls, to teach them self confidence or working towards a goal or some crap like that, while raising money for the organization. Of course, the girls are responsible for selling the cookies, but we all know who really sells them.

When I was a Girl Scout, my father was the nightshift nursing supervisor at a hospital and he sold so many boxes that my entire troop went to Six Flags two years in a row. So compared to my Dad, my salesmanship is pretty lame.

Since I don't work in an office and Hubs has all of five people in his office, neither of us can count on our jobs to get rid of very many. Which means we're forced to hit the streets. Today, we'll traipse the neighborhood trying to sell a few more boxes. Girlie hopes to sell 80 boxes so she'll earn some dollar store panda from the incentive catalog, but we'll probably land somewhere closer to thirty boxes.

I'm pretty sure my Dad, I mean, I sold three hundred boxes.


Linda said...

That reminds me of the Tupperward "Party" I had one time at my old job. I just passed around the catalogs to about 100 people and Tupperware wanted to sign me up as a distributor, I sold so much stuff!

Nice seeing the family tonight!

LIsa said...

I was still full from Christmas when I got the first Girl Scouts email request this year. I couldn't even think about any more sugar so I deleted it. Good Luck!