Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Super Mom

Little Guy has a yucky virus. The fever has gone down, but he still has a hacking cough.

Yesterday, he had a coughing fit so hard that it actually gagged him and caused him to spit up a little. Of course, I was holding him when it happened. I managed to catch the spewing stream of partially digested crackers in my scarf and then get him into the bathroom before the damage was too catastrophic.

It reminded me of a story that one of my friends told recently. Over Thanksgiving weekend her daughter threw up and she actually caught it in her hand.

That is how amazing we mothers are. Able to leap tall piles of laundry and catch vomit in a single scarf.


Lisa L. said...

One of my best friends actually caught my daughter's vomit in her hands ... now that is friendship. And motherhood personified. Hope he's better soon!

Linda Pressman said...

Anyone who's a mom knows that we'd much rather have the vomit in our hands or on our clothes than spend hours cleaning the furniture or carpeting. I'll put myself in the way every time.