Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2 kids divided by 1 day of travel = 1/2 crazy mom

We made it through the first day of our trip with only a few minor snags, including a 45 minute wait at the car rental place and a fun couple of minutes where we figured out that we had more luggage than car. We made it to the hotel where the dog bolted out of the room because little Guy figured out how to open the door. Hubs found himself temporarily locked in the hallway with the dog that we snuck in while I was downstairs getting something out of the car, Little Guy having a breakdown in the room, and the maid cart lingering just two doors down. The beer I had at dinner might have just been the best beer of my life.

Still, it is fun to travel, even with the kids. They spent the first hour in our hotel room jumping on the beds and hiding in the closets. Maybe their enthusiasm is contagious because I feel pretty happy too. Sure it's a little crazy to travel with them, but there is also the part where they burst with happiness over something like pushing the elevator button and you can't help join the fun. We'll settle into a furnished apartment today, with a little more room to spread out and a door that doesn't open so easily.

Meanwhile it's downstairs for a free breakfast. I'll be easy to spot, among the business types with my two kids, jumping up and down about the waffles.

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Linda Pressman said...

I agree with you, my kids also see the fun in the most mundane things. Sometimes I never know what they'll see, a hiding place or some other play opportunity that I've just gotten too old to notice!