Monday, July 6, 2009


Last night I was headed to my car, a full cooler sloshing in my arms, when I spotted my neighbor's twenty something year old son doing the same. As he shifted his cooler into the trunk, he turned and lifted his tattooed arm in a half-wave/half-salute and said, 'Sup. I smiled back and waved back and tried to look cool as I hopped in my car. Only difference was, his igloo was probably full of beer, and mine was full of goldfish.

The fish were headed to a friend's house since the kids, the dog, and I are going to tag along with Hubs while he works in the Chicago 'burbs during July. He is going to be there for most of the month anyway, and it turned out to be cheaper for his company to just get a place with a 30 day lease. Lucky for us, the timing was just right for getting out of town.

While we are there, I plan on taking in as much of the city as I can manage. I'll have a chance to hang out with two of my closest friends and their fantastic kids, reconnect with a mentor from my early twenties, spend some quality time with my hilarious cousin who will be popping by for a visit (and offered to watch the kids), and squeeze in a short road trip to Ohio. I might even crash a cocktail party at the BlogHer conference.

Oh, and we're going to eat a bunch of corn. If you don't already know it, you'll have to trust me on this one. The corn is better in the midwest.

While packing, checked the 10 day weather forecast and the temperature isn't going to be above 90 in the foreseeable future. At night, it is going to dip down in the 60's, which compared to Phoenix, is, like, cold. I threw in a few scarves to keep the chill away and some long sleeved t's for the kids.

Anyway, at least now I will feel cooler, even if I'm not.

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