Friday, July 3, 2009

Hot enough for ya?

Okay, I can't really complain about the heat yet. We are having a relatively mild summer so far and my trip back to Georgia reminded me that the dry heat really is way better than sticky wet sweaty heat, where even 89 can feel miserable. I have to say, it's pretty decent until around 104ish. Really.

Nevertheless, it is summer and it is hot and this is the reason Phoenix gets such a bad rap. I have the inside thermostat set to 77, a full degree higher than last year. I've heard that real Phoenicians set the temp at 80, but I'll probably have to resign myself to being a faux Phoenician. Towards the end of the day when the house gets a little stuffy, taking a swim with the kids always manages to cool everyone down, and when I come inside in my wet suit, it's downright chilly.

If there is a plus side to the heat, and I am in one of those lemonade out of lemons kind of moods, I will say that at least the dog poop gets dry and crusty almost instantly. When I have to scoop it from the back yard before Little Guy can grab it, it's not quite as gross.

So there you go. Summer in Phoenix, not quite as shitty as you might imagine.


latisha said...

okay so this is the 2nd lemony post of the blogs i read today. i wonder what the universe is telling me....

great stuff. not so shitty....hee hee.

read the other if you're interested

Linda Pressman said...

Well, that's proving there's always a good side to everything! And it reminds me of another reason why my kids don't really need a dog - one more area to worry about cleaning.

lab5 said...

totally - the rock hard dog poop is a great summer bonus - now your becoming a true Phoenician. Positive thinking!