Monday, July 20, 2009

Counting on some time

When we moved to Phoenix a year ago, I sold my store and said good-bye to Dean. Dean is the wonderful older woman that I hired on to watch Little Guy for twenty hours a week so that I could have some time in the store and occasionally a few minutes to run errands. I could never bring myself to call her a nanny. Maybe because she only worked part-time. More likely because she is an older black woman, and I am not, so it seemed a little, you know, to live in the south and have a nanny. It also never felt right to call her a babysitter because she was so so much more than that too. So mostly I introduced her at Dean, the wonderful woman that I hired to watch Little Guy. She and I got along really well and I told her I would miss her more than most of my family when we left. And it was true.

So we get to Phoenix, and I am not working, and for the last year I wind up having a babysitter (correct word this time) once a week for about three hours, just so I can get out of the house by myself. Don't get me wrong, I really like my sitter, but because she is only around a few hours a week and a busy college gal, she is much less of a part of the family than Dean was.

And then we get to this summer. No woman I have to introduce with a long explanation, no cute blonde babysitter, just me and the kids, 24/7.

Which brings me to this hour. Finally, Hubs has taken Girlie to run some errands in the city. Little Guy is taking a nap. And I get an hour to myself. One single hour.

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