Monday, July 27, 2009

An American Girl

So yesterday I took Girlie down to the American Girl Doll Place on Michigan Ave in downtown Chicago. I promised it as a reward for her patience with her two year old brother. Honestly, after two months of travel, she really hasn't been very patient with him, but then neither have I, so despite our poor behavior, we left Little Guy with Hubs and headed to the city. Maybe one day she'll join me elbow to elbow at the three story H&M, but right now if I want to treat a seven year old to a "girls day" in the city, the plan is going to include a toy store and some cookies.

I knew going into it that the American Girl Place was going to be all about in your face commercialism and it didn't disappoint. The place was crammed with dolls and doll accoutrement's and video clips of live girls acting poorly in doll movies. We spent two hours browsing the store, only stopping briefly for a $5 raspberry smoothie to gather our wits.

Though the whole thing was a little painful, I have to admit that Girlie was totally lovely about it. While other little girls stumbled around giddily cramming enormous bags full of AG paraphernalia, Girlie stuck to the budget we set and didn't complain when I told her that certain items were too expensive. She decided not to get another doll (she already has two) and opted for some carefully chosen accessories instead. She flipped out over some pink glasses, which, at $8, might have been the cheapest item in the entire store. She didn't complain about not getting a reservation for the cafe, though we managed to squeeze in to the 12:30 seating at the last minute anyway. She thanked me for the things we got and even left some dessert on her plate (probably due to the cinnamon roll appetizer, but still).

After we left, I took her to the top of the Hancock tower where we looked down at the city one hundred floors below. She was amazed at how small everything seemed. So shopping Michigan Avenue and scaling skyscrapers with a seven year old? I guess our day out was a little over the top. But while I am not about indulging my children in material things, I am about indulging them in experiences. And I think she really got that.


latisha said...

oh, a tear. just a little one. i cant wait. thanks for a glimpse at my future.

Linda Pressman said...

Every mother and daughter should have a shopping bag day sometime!