Thursday, July 23, 2009

Looking like something

When I owned my store, my husband would ask if I was carrying yet another new handbag, and I would always reply that owning a retail business meant it was my job to have these things. There were tons of earrings and necklaces and bangles. There were cute dish towels and herby soy candles. I sampled yummy bath products and always gave clever gifts. It was all from my business and I considered it advertising. After all, it was important to look like I owned a hipster gift store.

So how do you look like a writer?

This summer the writing isn't looking like much of anything. We are travelling, and by the time both kids are in bed, I am ready to collapse, the only "juices" flowing being the kind from a wine bottle into my glass as I flop over on the couch with a book or some mindless television on and a few pieces of Trader Joe's organic dark chocolate (for the antioxidants, of course).

I am finding out that I don't like writing in a notebook which probably flags me as some kind of fraud. Something about seeing my handwriting on the page is so distracting. It is a little disheartening because I always hear stories about how "real" writers carry around a pen and some paper to scribble out their thoughts, but never about anyone who is attached to the keyboard as much as I am. I do have a pair of chunky glasses, but I rarely wear them out, so without the notebook I have no writer-ish accessories.

I have, however, figured out that I am going back to the first person format on my book. Also, the main character has had a personality overhaul (in my mind anyway) and will be tossing her Prada heels in favor of some funky sandals. That means ripping out pages of writing, or filing them away for another story, but at least I feel pretty sure about the direction I will be heading in when I get back on top of it. I have been working on a short story in very very very small increments, for a major contest in September. And my other semi-finalist short story did not win, and thus has not been published, so lucky me, I can work out a few more kinks and resubmit it somewhere else.

So, on the one hand, lots in progress, angst and over-thinking everything, and a pair of seldom worn chunky glasses. On the other hand, no trusty notebook of brilliant thoughts and nothing published.

I just can't decide. Do I look the part?

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latisha said...

writers, you never really meet them in person.

you sound the part and that's what matters.

seriously, c, your posts are getting too good.

is that the contest i told you about?