Sunday, July 12, 2009

How I got saved

Today I am struggling with the idea of disconnecting.

It is difficult for me to get time to blog while on the road. I don't have a computer of my own, so I have to borrow computer time from my husband or a friend. It might be easier just to suck it up and get a laptop, but I know we are spending tons of money at museums, festivals, and today, an arboretum, just being here. And I really like the idea that the computer is NOT available to distract me from spending time with the kids. I want to slurp them up like watermelon slices.

Late last night, I wrote a long (and fairly brilliant) blog post about weather. And then the damn wireless connection crapped out on me, and poof, it was gone. I couldn't get the wireless connection back up, so I went to bed, hoping the post had auto-saved fairly recently. Of course, this morning, I discovered that my blog entry had disappeared into cyberspace. I think it's probably a sign, but for now I am looking the other way, struggling to do my thing.

And hitting the save button every few minutes.

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