Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Duck duck poop

The apartment we are temporarily staying in is surrounded by a little pond. There is a lovely family of ducks that waddle around the place, as well as a flock of Canadian geese that pop in and out of the complex. Unfortunately, there is also a ton of poop. Everywhere. On the sidewalks. In the grass. On the walking path.

I mentioned it to a woman at a nearby park and she said that the geese are the main culprits, which makes sense really if you think about the whole passive-aggressive Canadian thing. Anyway, sure enough, the kids and I were coming back from the grocery store when I saw a truck parked nearby that said "Goose Patrol."

Really? I can't even imagine what that poor guy's job is or why he would choose it. I am guessing that the geese get placed into some sort of witness protection program and relocated to another area as a way of keeping all the shit under control around here.

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Sae said...

This was times in suburbia for girly and little guy's momma.