Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On the road again.

I love a new adventure and thoroughly enjoy exploring new places large and small.

Trust me, there have been some pretty small ones on the list, including Crossett, Arkansas where I found myself regularly having dinner at a local gas station while working on a project for a paper company. I stayed at the Lakewood Inn. There was no lake and it wasn't an inn and it was a dry county so I had to have a membership to the local "club" just to grab a beer after work. There was also Kingsport, Tennessee, where Girlie and I stayed with Hubs while he worked on shutting down the local textile plant. As you can imagine, it wasn't too friendly of a place, but a restaurant nearby had fried baloney sandwiches and it snowed gorgeous fat flakes that caught on Girlie's eyelashes. Of course, the list includes large places like Milan, where we stayed for a few weeks while Hubs was training on some new software, and Capetown, South Africa, where we spent some time visiting friends, and Munich where we linked arms with our new best friends and sang take me home, country road at Oktoberfest. And now, the suburbs of Chicago.

Travel of any kind offers the chance to see things in a new light. For the most part, I roll with the ups and downs of it pretty well. And every time I arrive, with just a few suitcases in tow, it strikes me how little we really need to get by. Usually, I am pretty happy with just my clothes, a coffeepot, a wine opener, and a few nice pillows.

And , of course, a little computer time to blog about it all.


latisha said...

we really do need so little to enjoy life. great post.

Lisa said...

yeah, forgetting the wine opener can be disastrous - enjoy!!