Monday, September 14, 2009

A dingo ate my baby!

Well, not exactly, but a virus did attack my computer.

Yes, I have a recent back up, but I also have a short story contest deadline looming tomorrow so the timing is massively inconvenient. Looks like we got it from the New York Times website and we're not the only ones. I won't link you to the article about it, for obvious reasons.

I have my system mostly disabled and I am in the process of cleaning it up now. Fingers crossed that everything is fine.

** UPDATE **

If a dingo had in fact eaten my baby then let's just say I chased it into the Outback, clubbed it over the head with a large stick, and am now in the process of making a lovely fir jacket from it's hide. Which is another way of saying, my computer is fully restored and I have now resigned myself to reading an actual paper.

(Please note: No live animals were harmed during the making of this post. All references to animals are purely fictional and solely for the the amusement of a certain mental mother.)


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Sae said...

This was hilarious only because you are nicer to know than that Karen lady in the Outback who actually supposedly FED her kid to the dingo.