Friday, September 4, 2009


Yesterday was one of those days.

I had a girls outing planned in the evening and needed to make an appetizerish dish to take along, so I scrounged the contents of my cupboard and decided to make rosemary pinenut popcorn. I put Little Guy down for a nap, whipped up the dish, and congratulated myself for coming up with something so inexpensive and chic. As soon as Hubs got home, I threw on my go-to Michael Kors sandals and dashed out the door to meet my girlfriends.

I got stuck in traffic, but no worries, good music on the radio for once, so I settled in and started to feel a little smugmommy. You know, that feeling when you imagine that you actually have it all together. That despite the craziness of it all, the fledgling career and the two wacky kids, a gal like me might actually be able to pull off a stylish entrance, just like I would have back in the days before the bambinos.

That's when I looked over to the passenger seat and realized that I left the gorgeous bowl of gourmet popcorn and a bottle of wine sitting on the dining room table.

So I stopped at the gas station for beer and Cheetos.



Lisa said...

yep, it never fails!

Becky said...

Ha! I love it, yes, I often fall into this trap. Smugmommy is a perfect way to put it.