Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yes? No.

Everyone knows about the yes man. He'll tell you whatever you want to hear. In business, he seems like a great employee, loyal to the core, obedient without question. But we all know the other side of the coin. The yes man is usually unoriginal, rarely truly productive, and probably never going to be promoted. The yes man will do anything to be agreeable.

You may be less familiar with the yes mom. She also seems to be awesome.

Yes, you can have a third helping of candy.

Yes, I will shuttle you to dance and gymnastics and soccer and horseback. On the same day.

Yes, I will turn around and go back to the house to pick up your stuffed turtle keychain that you absolutelypostivelymusthavebecauseMadisonhasthesameone
andyouarebestfriendsandyouhavetomatch, even though it will make me late to my event.

Yes, to pretty much everything.

I am so not a yes mom. I am mostly a no mom. I feel pretty certain the yes moms operate under the misguided notion that their kids actually have to like them. Not that I don't occasionally squeak out a yes, but I don't do it just to make my children happy at any cost. Of course, the yes moms kind of ruin it for the rest of us, but I am willing to stand my ground when necessary. As such, I am probably not a favorite among the kids that have yes moms. When I respond with a negative, nope, uh-uh, sorry Charley, not gonna happen, their little jaws drop in surprise.

And do I care?


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Sae said...

You go, no momma! Sooo relevant, glad to read about it!