Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hidden treasures

I was shopping a second hand store the other day, looking for kids books and a decent Thesaurus, when a framed painting propped against the wall caught my eye. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the paper backing had been torn away just a smidge. Apparently, someone was hoping to find a Van Gogh hidden behind an amateur painting of a french bistro. Of course, the picture wasn't a masterpiece, not in that sense anyway.

For some reason, it really bugged me. Why are we always looking for something better than the thing right in front of us? Couldn't the little painting just be enough?

Then again, I did put the painting back. It really wasn't very good.

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latisha said...

when i was at savers the other day i saw tons of vintagey stuff in frames. made me think of you and your cool style. i looked at them for a while where before i would have just checked out if any frames could be salvaged. then i saw the coolest idea, which i will be copying: old seed packets framed. perfect for my house. thanks for giving me another way to see the same old stuff.