Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not so sharp

I attended a Parent Teacher Group meeting at Girlie's school last night. The group is made up of a shockingly small, but dedicated set of mothers and teachers. When I pulled into the parking lot and noticed how few cars were there, I thought I might have gotten the date wrong or shown up too early. Or too late, like I did on curriculum night. But that's another story.

Hubs and I made the decision to put Girlie in public school when we moved to Phoenix. In Georgia, we had her in a fantastic private school, but we practically had to sell non essential organs to pay for it. Since the school system here has an open enrollment policy, we were able to hand pick her elementary school and I feel like we made the right choice. This year there have been so many budget cuts that the school has to be really creative with money. The PTG plays a big role in getting extras for the school, so I figured that I should volunteer.

The meeting went fairly well until it digressed into a 15 minute debate over an industrial pencil sharpener. Both sides had good points, (pun intended) but for some reason they felt the need to repeat themselves, as though saying the same thing multiple times would suddenly change things. After a few minutes of it, I stole a glance at my girlfriend who wasn't making eye contact because she was busy trying to check her watch. Finally, the group moved on and I managed to sign up to help with a few things.

Unfortunately, the sharpener discussion needs more research and will be brought up at the next meeting.

We'll take it year by year, but for now I still feel like we made the right choice to go with public school. Still, last night I really missed the pretentious privilege of private school, where someone would have whipped out a checkbook and scribbled out a personal check for ten industrial sharpeners, just to end the discussion.

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latisha said...

oh you are too funny. no seriously i know i keep saying this but you need to be sellin' this stuff.