Monday, September 21, 2009

Something interesting is afoot

So lately I have been banging up my poor feet.

I scraped my big toe on a tile and cracked the pretty far nail back. It healed and I then did the same thing to the other foot, kicking something hard enough to leave a chunk missing from the top of my toenail. Just a few days ago, I caught my little toe on the outside door frame and cut it hard enough to draw blood and leave a little jagged line. I call it my Frankentoe.

I don't know what to blame it on. It could be the universe having a little laugh because of this post. It could be that I have so completely embraced the Phoenix lifestyle that I find myself barefoot more often than not. It could my busy brain which constantly seems to be churning around a paragraph or two.

Of the three, I like the busy brain bit. Though, settling into Phoenix isn't so bad either. Most likely, it is the universe laughing at me, and since I recently resolved to laugh out loud more often, I guess I'll just have to join in.

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