Tuesday, September 29, 2009

White after labor

So forget about the whole white pants after Labor Day rule, the statement should probably be amended to say no white pants (or skirts, tops, and shorts), after labor.

Because once you have kids, you will invariably look down and find anything from a tiny sticky bit of goo to an entire shoe print, toddler size 8, on your white pants. And really, you can forget about black too. In some ways it is almost worse, the crusty stuff really stands out on a dark surface. I will think I made it through the day smudge-free, only to find two smeary handprints on the back of the shirt, as though I have been mauled by a monster child begging for another cookie.

Which is why I am seriously considering an entirely beige wardrobe or maybe something in a lovely shade of goldfish cracker.


Sae said...

Hilarious! AND soooo true!

latisha said...

beige huh, thinking of getting a red vaccuum? i always spell that wrong. on the flip side, brown, not exactly beige isn't so good either. we went to the AZ museum for youth wherein they have a room with black lights...yesss fuzzy white dots all over my brown skirt that were not there in the light of day. cute.

Lisa said...

OMG,OMG,OMG - the title, the goldfish-colored pants, laugh,laugh,laugh!