Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Toe-tally in love!

I am not always easy on myself, and can be quick to pick out every little bump, ripple, and dent. I don't like my squishy post baby stomach and have never been a fan of my boobs (either one of them, especially the left one). My skin is usually a disaster and my brows must be plucked into submission. I think I have nice eyes, but I can't seem to get past my permanently creased forehead to actually focus on them.

But, I love my toes.

It all started around ten years ago when I was living in downtown Atlanta, freshly married and living in a fantastic 1920's condo building just one block from all the best pubs and restaurants. We had a pretty tight click of friends there, all married with no kids (except that one poor girl, and lordy, did we ever judge her). One of our friends was a gorgeous blond, tall and skinny, with perfect little perky boobs, all her own. To top it off, she was a photo stylist, so she always seemed to have the scoop on the cool before the cool. She was, of course, completely insane, but we all loved hanging around her. I think I might have even had a girl crush on her for just a little while.

One afternoon we were out shoe shopping and she glanced over at me and then squeaked out "ohmygodletmeseeyourfeet." She told me I had the cutest toes ever and she totally envied my feet. Whatever, I told her. Your feet are cute too. Then she let me in on a dirty little secret.

She went to a nail salon and had a fake nail put on her big toe. Her real big toenail was a tiny little dot, hardly worth painting!


Yesterday another friend posted a homeopathic cure for ingrown toenails. I'll have to file that one away. You see, I always take really good care of my toes. They are after all one of my finer features...


Linda Pressman said...

Okay, I'm just not going to copy you and Latisha and write about my man feet. No, I'm not. Funny line about how you like one boob and not the other!

latisha said...

please linda, id love to hear about those feet!

c- your toes are just precious!