Saturday, April 11, 2009

And now, my brain makes a brief return

My computer hit the skids on Friday. I picked up a trojan horse or some other dastardly virus when I was visiting Perez Hilton's gossip blog. Oh well, I probably deserved it for reading the net equivalent of the Star Magazine anyway.

I spent the afternoon investigating what was wrong, managed to find the offensive files, without the aid of my virus software thankyouverymuch, and disabled the program before it could cause serious damage to my files. After I finished, I was totally annoyed at the time I wasted, when I could have been writing or paying bills.

But then I realized...

BOOYOW! I still remember how to fix a problem on my computer. This, after almost seven years have passed since I even worked in the technology industry, and even then in a less hands on project manager role.

Thank God, my brain might still be functioning. I actually remembered something! I am sure it will be a short lived victory. Today I won't be able to remember my social security number or something equally important.

But still.

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latisha said...

oh i should have just had you over for a couple of martinis! damn.