Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tinkerbell, butterflies, and vomit

The day got off to a crazy start. Little Guy woke with a stomach bug. At first we weren't sure if he was sick, but a projectile incident one hour before Girlie's 7th birthday party guests were supposed to arrive confirmed it.

We had already hung the butterfly decorations and put together the Tinkerbell grab bags, so we didn't cancel the party and prayed for the best. He didn't throw up again for the rest of the day but had a few toxic diapers which almost made me wish I could suit up in some sort of hazmat outfit before changing him. So far it seems like the worst of it is over.

Girlie had a great day with her friends and I still can't believe I am the mother of a 7 year old girl. She was born the year I turned 30, so now I am closing in on 40 and in complete denial!

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