Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You might be a redneck if...

One of the perks of moving 2000 miles across country is that my southern-ness, which hardly shows at all in Georgia, is decidedly exotic in Arizona. My accent is so much more noticeable here and people pick up on it pretty quickly. So I find myself slipping a few y'alls in when I probably wouldn't have back in Georgia.

It brings to mind a slew of southern jokes, one of which is that the last words spoken by a redneck are Watch this y'all!

Little Guy has started running around pulling crazy stunts and yelling "Momma watch!" to get my reaction. This includes death defying leaps from the fireplace, tossing rocks in the pool, and my new favorite, picking up the dog poop (to which he adds a little twist Momma watch! Poop!).

Not sure where he was going with this, but this afternoon he insisted on running around with this metal bowl on his head, nearly knocking himself out a few times while trying to keep it on. Momma, watch! And I just barely make it over to him before he crashes into the cupboard.

Not the smartest way to entertain yourself and it made me wonder if his southern was showing. If he starts saying y'all, we'll have to give up the mail order grits.

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latisha said...

you guys are all craking me up today. like you all showed up to write just for me. thanks for this, i actually guffawed!