Saturday, April 4, 2009

Free advice

My message to those of you who don't have children:

Get your lazy ass to the gym. You have no excuse. Trust me, there will be a day when you are finally working on your best eagle pose in yoga class and someone will tap on the studio glass to tell you that your son has been crying for twenty minutes and could you please pack up your shit and take him away before he freaks out the other little ones happily playing in the gym childcare. You will have to leave without the breathing/cool down/relaxation portion of your class and the positive energy you may have been channeling during the workout will be snatched from your grasp as fast as you can say Momma.

1 comment:

latisha said...

really? so sorry if this actually happened. lame. just lame lame lame. reminds me of the other day when i had to got to the bathroom - not the quick kind - and heard a loud crash and a scream. i love being interrupted...