Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The greener grass

My husband was home from work today, still recovering from the stomach bug. I got home from dropping Girlie at school and taking Little Guy to the park and finally sat down to nibble some toast. Little Guy came over and was sitting near me, stealing bites of my toast when he could. It was one of those rare but sweet moments when he wasn't doing anything random or gross.

Hubs looked over at us from his perch on the couch. He had progressed to the point in his illness where he was no longer moaning every time he moved, but was still laying down most of the time. He smiled and asked if that was how the two of us (me and destructoboy) were when no one was around.

Uh, no.

And then I saw it, the flicker of envy on Hubs' face. I only recognized it because I probably look the same way I am imagining his day at work - the unaccompanied trips to the bathroom, the chit chat with real adults, the lunches eaten while surfing the web. Of course, I know that it is not what his day at work is really about. One trip down the winding halls to his office and you instantly get where the term rat race was coined. Still, I know that today we both lingered on a fantasy image of what each other's day is like, and I guess I can let Hubs envy me just a little.

Yep, that's my day. Hanging out with my Little Guy. Relaxing. Eating toast.

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latisha said...

wow. this must be in the air. we had a nice little match (my husband and i) this morning in a tired fit of jealousy - from me.

i havent had a chance to breathe from my herb show this weekend and read all the great literature i got. one newspaper in particular i was gabbing about all weekend.

after working till 11 getting up at 4 with sevi only to be fully pulled out of bed at 6. her tugging at my pants while i peed, i emerged from the bedroom to see him drinking a cup of coffee reading my f-ing paper.
"how nice your life must be" I said. and you know what happened next.