Monday, April 13, 2009

Girl time

Today I got a sitter for the Little Guy and took Girlie out for the day. We ate lunch out at the migraine inducing Rainforest Cafe and took in an amazing IMAX show in Tempe. Mechanical dancing monkeys aside, it was really fun and I had forgotten what it was like to spend time alone with her.

She was already five when Little Guy was born and I will never forget how my heart broke into a million pieces when she walked into the hospital room to visit us. Until that very moment she had always been my little sidekick, a mini me girlie-girl who tagged along with me almost everywhere. Having a new member of our family shifted that dynamic dramatically and it seems like our "girl time" has taken a backseat to family time.

While Girlie loves to go out, Little Guy is totally different. He hates to shop and usually shrieks his way through the mall. Trips out to eat are not worth the time or energy, unless I plan on eating an entire meal in five minutes without chewing or tasting it. He'll probably grow out of it at least a little, but for now we stick to ordering pizzas to eat at home and spend our free time at parks where he can scream as loud as he wants to. I love the wild and off kilter addition that Little Guy is to our family unit. Honestly, Girlie and I harbor the same control freak drama queen tendencies and we both needed to loosen up a little.

But today we were able to hang out without destructoboy and just be "the two of us" again. Two chicks, sipping our sodas, cruising the mall...

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