Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A friend of mine who also has two small children recently commented that she didn't know how I found the time to work on my writing.

I told her that I have given up cleaning the toilets.

That isn't true entirely. I always clean the hall bathroom. It is the one the kids use and the one guests will see. But the master bath sometimes gets a little scummy. The fact is, it bugs me a little.

I keep a pretty orderly house. At the end of each day, I like putting things away, wiping down the surfaces, and starting over fresh each morning. I don't leave dirty dishes hanging around in the sink. I don't leave the art supplies scattered in the office. I pick up the random discarded shoes and straighten the couch pillows. I make the bed every damn day, even if it winds up being towards the evening. It's my thing.

But recently I came to the conclusion that I can't possibly keep up with everything and still find time for myself. Not the most earth shattering conclusion, I know. I am almost thirty seven years old and apparently a pretty slow learner.

So I am learning to let go a little and prioritize. Right now, glittery words are more important than sparkling toilets.


Lisa said...

Write on, glitter girl!

Linda Pressman said...

Just keep the computer dusted off, right?

latisha said...

yay!!!!! okay just glad to hear you're not supermom either, brings me back to reality.