Tuesday, May 12, 2009

That snot funny

Little Guy recently learned how to blow his nose. Since he has a cold, oh, every other day, I was pretty excited about this particular milestone. I hold the tissue up and say blow, and he does it. Sometimes he even holds the tissue himself. I thought back about how long it took Girlie to figure this out and thought it was nice that he picked this one up a little earlier.

Until he learned that it was so much more fun to just blow the snot out without a tissue in sight.

So now I chase him around the house, with the tissue in my hand, while he squeals in delight and blows snot everywhere.

Snot funny. Really.


latisha said...

hee hee hee! sevi pretends to blow. im a really loud blower with allergies so she and her dad always mock me...also snot funny.

Linda Pressman said...

Well, it might snot be funny there, but it is in your posting!