Thursday, May 14, 2009

Luck of the draw

A friend of mine recently mentioned that lately she has been sleeping in until 8 or 9 AM while her husband gets up with their son. I caught myself just before I said something like lucky you. Her husband was recently laid off, so really her stroke of fortune is just a small perk, a sliver of something nice, to get her through a pretty tough time. I can relate to her situation, though my husband was lucky enough to get laid off a few years ago when the economy was a little more cooperative.

Another friend who has a son just a few months older than Little Guy recently tweeted from the hospital where her son was being treated for a broken femur. Lucky us, this hasn't happened to Little Guy, though I can think of a million times when it easily could have. Lucky her, it wasn't worse. He'll get the ridiculously inconvenient spica cast off in a few weeks, and the whole incident will become a testament to her resilience as a mother of five boys.

A few weeks ago, my grocery store had a sale on pints of Ben and Jerry's ( just $1.50 each!). This, on the same week I renewed my efforts to get that 7lb muffin top gone by summer. Just my luck, I thought. I bought some anyway and stuck it in the spare freezer, where my husband retrieves them and indulges in a lucky treat.

Really, the difference between a little bad luck and a lucky break is just a matter of perspective.

Today, I'll finish up my short story, one that I have now overworked like a piece of dough, and pray that it will still rise. I'll send it off, not really counting on anything big. It might not be a winner, but this week I felt pretty lucky to have something to focus on other than runny noses and requests for more juice.

Anyway, wish me luck!


Stacy said...

What kind of grocery store sells Ben & Jerry's for $1.50???? Oh wait, I need to address my own muffin top.

Great post.

Amy said...

Good luck! (Not that you need it.)

latisha said...

Great post! good luck to you. Drew was laid off right when sevilla was born with a good severence. lucky us.

p.s. congrats on the sleeping bit. I'm sure he, and you needed it. We love the Gaia stuff around here too. They make a great PMS potion by the way...

Linda said...

What a nice post, Cheri. I love the way you play with language! Now get that revision done!