Friday, May 22, 2009

What ales me...

So I have been on a quest to get Sweetwater Ale, an Atlanta beer that I swear I have had since moving to Arizona. I would like to serve it alongside the southern style smoked pork we are serving at a BBQ this weekend. BBQ & southern beer; I have a theme going.

Because I was desperate and probably a little delirious from the over 100 heat, I went to Walmart earlier this week just to make sure they didn't have it. I don't know what possessed me to go there, except it seems like they have everything and usually it's pretty cheap.

From the get-go that place just ticks me off. First, I have to navigate the enormous parking lot which is full of random loose carts. It makes my blood boil when people won't walk the extra TEN feet required to put a cart back into the cart returns. And, somehow, Walmart shoppers are the worst of the bunch. Really people, I am thinking the cart full of 2 liter Diet Cokes aren't going to help much if you can't bring yourself to walk a few feet out of your way. Oh, and maybe put back the gargantuan bag of Cheetos. But, I digress.

Determined to get my beer, I grab an orphan cart and head for the double doors. I pass the obligatory old lady greeter, dodge the towering display of 2 for 1 packs of men's knee socks, and weave through the rows of pink terry zipper front night gowns, after which I finally find myself in the grocery department.

They have a whole aisle for chips. I am not kidding.

Anyway, I cruise past the chips and keep looking until I spot the aisle labeled beer & wine. I head that way. Here is where the whole story takes an ugly turn.

Turns out, Walmart does not have a decent selection of beer. Maybe this shouldn't surprise me, but it does! You can get a bag of chips the size of a small child and a jar of 700 pickles for only $3, but don't go to Walmart for your beer.

They had more wine than beer. I am not kidding.

So, no Sweetwater Ale. And no more trips to Walmart. At least until I need more of those pickles... one down, 699 to go.


Stacy said...

Did you check the prices on the pink terry nightgowns? I'm waiting for a good sale.

latisha said...

do you have an AJ's near you? They will special order anything. We had some beer from WA sent it. It's not cheap and you prob won't get it in time for the bbq but if you really need it, try them