Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No! Yes!

Little Guy's cold has now moved into a hacking cough. I could hear him up coughing throughout night. Though he never called out for me, I am sure he got as little sleep as I did. Today I can predict there will be lots of clinging and more coughing. I'll have to put aside most of what I hope to accomplish and hang on to him until he feels better. Hubs is out of town this week, so I will do it all by myself.

Little Guy is just a few months shy of turning two. He has hit the stage where his first reaction to any question is "no." Of course, he doesn't always mean it, so you can ask him if he wants another cookie and the response goes something like "No! Yes!" It is annoying, but on some level I totally get it. A two year old's actions are in so many ways a very clear representation of the inner struggle we all have to control things.

Today I will pack a lunch and shuffle Girlie through carpool. I'll wipe Little Guy's dripping nose and pick him up when he whines for it. I'll fold laundry and fix drinks. I'll get Girlie to swim lessons and supervise her homework. I'll make dinner and get everyone to bed. I'll spend the day thinking about, but not working on, the short story I need to hammer out for a contest deadline.

And all the while, I'll be thinking "No! Yes!"

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latisha said...

i know exactly this day. hang in there. at least you have the balls to snuggle him. im still in leave me alone mode when she's whiny from sick -- or anything else like she's purposefully taking my time away from me. im learning...your such a good mom.