Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Extraordinarily ordinary

So a few blogger/writer friends and I had a long discussion about blogs a few weeks ago. We picked apart the concept of blog identity and what makes certain blogs stand out. Lately this whole "why blog" thing has been swirling around in my mind. I do it mainly to keep my brain going a little. As I have said before, I consider this a little jog for my writing skills. Sure, I am not going to win any races at this pace, but it keeps me moving.

A while back a friend who has a pretty well followed blog and who recently picked up a paid blogging gig told me I should come up with something specific about myself to blog about. A unique quality.

Though I am trying hard to, I can't seem to come up with anything.

Look, I even made a list.

1. I am a terrible driver. At least once a year I manage to hit a pole, a mailbox, the garage door. Maybe a blog about the scrapes I actually avoid or the money I could be saving by not having my already paid for in cash car in the shop on a yearly basis.

2. I used to own a retail store. This might be interesting if I still owned a store, but I am guessing that stories about what happened, say two years ago, are going to be a bit of a snore. Still, I never lost money at that business, so maybe some kind of advice column. I could call it Advice from a chick lucky enough to get out before the bottom fell out of the economy? Okay, maybe not.

3. I am from the southeast and now I live in the southwest. Maybe some type of pioneer inspired entries where I trade fried okra for fish tacos? Mint juleps to tequila shots? Wait, that sounds like a food blog. Plus then I would have to be completely honest about the whole tequila thing. Scratch that.

So there it is, I am extraordinarily ordinary. Suburban housewife crabby about her children. Maybe even my mother with a blog.


Linda Pressman said...

Um, I'm sure you have an angle, Mental Momma! You're kids are driving you mental, right? That's an angle. Look at my blog that's all over the place and have sympathy for me. Focus, focus!

latisha said...

are you kidding? just read most of the ones that 'made' it. deuce is all about the momventures and she's the prototype.

its all about exposure, marketing and other publishing venues.

you've got a lot to say, you say it well.

if you write it, they will read.

im saving up for blogher next year. i want to figure this whole thing out. if nothign comes of it, maybe it'll just be a fun no fam vacation.

Carla said...

I have been following your blog and I have to say, with your lovely style of writing and insight you could blog about wiping your butt and I would read it! I'm so proud of you for finding another thing your good at.

My angle could be along the lines of Carrie Bradshaw moving back in with her parents. I'm smoking out the window like I did in 10th grade! Now that I'm thinking about it, forget blogging - I could write a sitcom with this kind of material.

latisha said...

i guess its dooce. oh well.

Stacy said...

You do have a well written blog and I'm sure you'll gain a following with time. But a lot of it is luck or chance. Some well known blogs really aren't all that great, and some undiscovered blogs have fabulous stuff. Maybe it's a matter of having the right person link to you.

I found your blog accidentally. I'm not sure how I got here, really. I think I must have clicked on the "next blog" icon on Blogger's navigation bar because I had a "Whose blog is this and how did I get here?" moment. Then I read some of your posts and I've been reading since then.