Saturday, May 23, 2009

What is she smokin'?

We've been busy all day smokin' pork and whipping up two kinds of BBQ sauce, a yellow mustard based called The Sting (of the Georgia Tech Yellowjacket variety) and a traditional sauce with a tangy bite called The Dawg (as in the University of Georgia Bulldogs).

Tomorrow we are hosting a southern cookout in the desert.

I sent out a few emails figuring most everyone was heading out of town and not one single person turned us down. Apparently, you dangle slow smoked pork out there and everyone comes running!

But don't get me wrong. I am really looking forward to the big crowd we'll have. Tonight it occurred to me that we have friends again. After moving 2000 miles with two kids in tow, I thought I might have lost my friend mojo. Who knows, with any luck I might have a few too many beers and give that Sally Field "you really like me" speech.

People really love that.


Linda Pressman said...

Hey, it's a very big deal to make a life for yourself! Have a great m-day.

cyndi said...

hey - you never dangle the pig unless you mean it!

latisha said...

im totally in awe of your crowd. we've been here almost 4 years and have only a sprinkling. well done!