Monday, May 11, 2009

Great job!

At 4:30 AM, I got a text from Hubs' boss thanking me for a great first year on the job. Of course, the message was really for Hubs. His boss has my cell number from a time when Hubs had to use my phone and he gets mixed up on occasion. He is in Boston today, so it was 7:30 AM his time, hence the crack of dawn message.

After checking my phone, I laid in bed awake, unable to fall back asleep, thinking about the last year. I am so thankful we made this move. I love living out west. I have had a chance to reconnect with one of my closest friends at a time when we had all but given up on living in the same city again. I love the changes I have been able to make to the pace of my life, even though I miss my store and I really miss working. In so many ways, this move, this year, and being at home full time, has been a new role for me too. Really, a supporting role.

When I owned my business I didn't have a boss to send me a congratulatory text message, but there were tangible things, like sales numbers and press about the store, to let me know if things were going well. It is a little harder to gauge where I am now. I suppose I could just roll with it, but that really isn't my nature. I like concrete things, evidence, an A, a promotion, an admirable P&L.

Maybe I will just pretend that message was really for me. Great job. One year down. On to the next one.


latisha said...

cheri your posts are getting amazing. one after another. not that they always weren't but lately you are just hitting it so clear with great insight in few words.

loved this one.

p.s. A++++ saturday!

Linda Pressman said...

Yeah, Cheri, you can bet that message was really meant for you - in a cosmic sense anyway!