Saturday, May 16, 2009

Go Daddy!

Hubs is participating in the Tempe International Triathlon tomorrow, so today will be spent relaxing, getting together his running, swimming, and biking gear (makes me tired just thinking about it), and finally shuttling his bike to the race location where he'll pick up a packet and his race number.

Tomorrow, he'll swim 1500 meters (just shy of a mile), then bike 24 miles, then run 6.4 miles. For fun.

I can't tell you how much I admire him and enjoy watching him prepare for these things. He takes it pretty seriously, but somehow manages not to get completely obsessed. His relaxed but focused approach is something that comes very natural for him, and I see it so clearly on the days leading up to a race. I just try get as close as possible to him and hope that some of it rubs off on me.

UPDATE: So tonight over dinner, he's giving me that look, and I'm all "But honey, your race is tomorrow, most serious athletes, don't, you know..." and he's all "I'm not THAT serious of an athlete."
Uh huh. I see that.


Lisa said...

very cool...I'm married to an XBOX addict

latisha said...

love it. you know. inspiration. or one last kick in case he keels over in the heat..

we were there sunday on our own little 18 mile bike adventure. those damn triathaletes kept getting in our way... ;)