Thursday, May 7, 2009

Later tater

Goodbye Mrs. Potato Head!

Though you have been with us for some time, it is now time to part ways. In all honesty, you never lived up to the hype. Sure, it's hard to be entertaining once your nose has been chewed by the dog. And, of course, things were never quite the same after your hat was tossed in the trash. But, in all fairness, it never stayed on anyway. I guess I could have popped it back on your bumpy little head, but I was angry and in pain after stepping on it, pointy side up, for the hundredth time. You would have done the same, except your feet always fell off anyway. Still, it wasn't my finest moment.

I guess there was supposed to be some lesson in your female potato-ness, but I don't think the kids ever got it. No one ever called you Mrs. or even Ms., preferring to simply call you Day-dohead. And though you occasionally showed some spunk, with an ear for a nose or a goofy smile for an ear, most of the time you were a largely uninspiring example of the feminine ideal, gloved hands silently clutching your handbag, smile frozen in place. Fifty years ago you were clever and ironic, but now your novelty has worn off and you are going to have to come up with a few more tricks to keep up with this generation.

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latisha said...

i sorta like the simplicity of those old-ish iconic toys. my daughter loves my old raggedy ann doll and pointing out her parts is the most fun. though she does get tripped up on her nose; the pointy red triangle just doesn't seem to make sense.